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Shilpa Niketan

Art is for everybody! About 30 years back, my father (Bapi) established an art school "Shilpa Niketan" in a small town in India. This is my humble attempt to take him along with me in my artistic journey as I reinstate "Shilpa Niketan" in my own online and in-person format. Together we will create something extraordinary and push the horizon of possibilities.

I love teaching and sharing my passion for Art. I truly believe Art has no age and is a must for every human . It opens doors and makes one more perceptive and receptive towards life. I coach with the goal of intriguing my students with the possibilities and power of art and how it enriches our lives. I consider myself as a creativity coach whose goal is to inspire the artist within you and uncover the uniqueness of each medium - sketching with graphite and charcoal, live in harmony with watercolor, bask in the forgiveness of acrylic painting, soak in the richness of oil painting. There is no right time to start and there is definitely no talent needed. All that is needed is the desire and the effort!




Joining Sanjukta’s class has been one of the best investments I have made to help push my bounds and explore what I can achieve with my creations. Her passion for art can be seen while she is teaching her students. She is also an excellent teacher who has given me the confidence to pursue projects which I wouldn’t have attempted myself. She makes it all very easy and has the right methods and techniques to get the best out of everyone.

Archana Rao

Sanjukta is an excellent teacher. I have attended both virtual and in person sessions with her and she is terrific. She has taught three generations of students in my family  (my mom, me and my daughter) and we love learning from her. She can really help a student grow from where they are and makes it a unique journey for them. She is good humored, patient and nurturing and I cannot wait to continue this  exciting adventure with her.


Sanjukta has a very deep understanding of art concepts and teaches it with great passion and clarity. What I like about her teaching style is that she meets her student at their level and builds confidence by saying that there are no mistakes that can’t be fixed. This allows me and all her students to have the freedom for learning. I am thankful and blessed that I have found her to revive my passion for art after so long. Art is the expression of the soul and Sanjukta represents just that.


There's something powerful to be said about taking the captivating images in your mind and putting them into a visual art form. Sanjukta is extremely talented both as an artist and a teacher. She is driven with such passion and love for what she does and has inspired me greatly. She has helped me begin the search to become my own artist. My learning journey with her this last year had been incredible, Saturdays have become my favorite day of the week.


Sanjukta is a fantastic teacher. She is passionate about art and her students. My daughter learnt lot of techniques and she absolutely love Sanju. There are not enough words to describe what an outstanding artist she is. My daughter has made amazing projects with her and got lot of accolades from our friends who saw the paintings.


Art for all ages

Young artists (5-10 yrs)


Senior Artists (10 to Teen)

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1:1 - Art Mentoring Program

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